The initiative, promoted by works and services, is being executed by the company Arcoin and is for a term of six months

Enterprise architecture, construction and engineering (ARCOIN, SL) has recently begun the development works of the square of Valles de Ortega, an initiative by the Department of works and services of the city of Antigua and included within the improvement of free and public spaces of the municipality. Works, which have an investment of 130.888,49 euros, will be carried out over a period of six months.

The refurbishment of the square of Valles de Ortega includes a series of artworks before, such as earthworks, vegetation removal, demolition of factory items and dismantled planters, among others. Many of them are being made these days, so this public space in this town of the municipality has already has fencing.

The performance will involve the construction of new platform, which will be held the repaving of the plaza de 390,94 square meters, as well as creating new adapted access and the realization of new planters with paving stones of granite, plant and land picon, transplanting the palms (Washingtonia robusta) range. It will be also placed a stone cladding on the facade of the cultural centre, including the back of the stage and the facades of the toilets.

The project contains also carry out all the necessary work for the creation of the network of lighting public, with the corresponding implementation of trenching, manholes, pipes and wiring, as well as the placement of light fixtures. To this are added irrigation facilities, pre-installing a new rush of plumbing to the cultural centre, the renovation of toilets and the evacuation of rainwater.

Similarly, the pre-installation of the telecommunications network that runs under the pavement on the section facing the square, will take place which will allow the full network installation underground in the future, without running any work or modification. Also moved the existing telephone booth from the sidewalk to the square, with all operations required to make it fully operational, at the time that will be the basis for the temporary placement of tents and poles.

The first Deputy Mayor and Councillor delegate of works and services, David Alberto, said that this action “will improve other public spaces which is impaired and that has not been object of a reform for many years, as well as the refurbishment of the square of Casillas de Morales, which began four months ago”.

Alberto highlighted the need to reform the square of Valles de Ortega, “both by the social importance that have this space public for residents and the attraction to visitors who come to the village”. In this sense, he pointed out, “Although this summer parties may not be held in the same location, at the beginning of next year there will be a remodeled, modern and square suitable for festive and cultural events given the demand of citizens”.