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The Technology Park already generates 120 jobs 13-02-2013

About 120 people currently work in the two works that are being implemented in the project of the Technology Park of Fuerteventura, which began late last year 2012. With progress in phases of the works is estimated to generate about 600 jobs directly. Although through the suppliers, ie, indirectly, the employment dynamic generated by the project will be even greater.

The works currently being carried out in the Technological Park of Fuerteventura include two major projects. On one hand the bioclimatic building, which is currently under construction foundation and the other structure básicaY the proposed development of the whole area, which is working on leveling the ground, building of roads, excavation and perimeter boundary .

Caja Siete 04-02-2013

We were awarded the tender to adapt a retail unit for a branch of the bank in Los LLanos de Aridane on the Island of La Palma

Sumasa 04-02-2013

Sumasa used ArcoinSl to modify the ATMs and 24-hour areas in the Canary Islands

Start of job 24-01-2013

The rehabilitation work in the neighborhood of 90 homes, born in Puerto del Rosario nearly 40 years ago, yesterday torn between the joy of the neighbors logic given the deterioration of the buildings. The project has a cost of 1,982,064.47 euros, but the neighbors must pay around 2,000 euros for the settlement of their homes.

Yesterday he appeared again the content of the project to the residents of the area. Attended the ceremony the mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Marcial Morales, Cabildo counselors Victor Manuel Miranda and Alonso, as well as several town Consistory of the capital.

The above intervention majorero drafted by architect Francisco Cabrera, includes the demolition of the balconies that are dilapidated, waterproofing roofs, facades sanitized, including carpentry, while substitution shall plumbing facilities, sanitation, electricity and telecommunications networks. Also improve the pavement outside and the gardens of the surroundings.

The above project has co-financing by the Ministry of Development (585,241.77 euros), the Canary Islands (270,000.00), Municipality of Puerto del Rosario (469,241.77) and the Cabildo of Fuerteventura (469,241.77).


The neighbors must contribute funds to rehabilitate their homes. Residents must provide a total amount of 187,808.47 euros, who can afford either a single amount of 2087.00 euros or in up to 60 monthly installments.

The neighborhood of 90 homes built in the 70s aimed at working families. They are badly deteriorated.

Fuerteventura Technology Park 25-09-2012

We were awarded the tender to construct the Technology Transfer and Knowledge Promotion Centre Building at the Fuerteventura Technology Park through the Temporary Joint Venture formed by Dragados S.A, Perez Moreno S.A.U and Arcoin S.L to the value of €6,939,974.70

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